Pilot Programs


We are always fortunate in Perry Township to have a teaching staff looking for great ways to enhance learning.  Several technology programs are currently being piloted around the District:

Google E-mail:  As long time users of Google Apps for Education, we are now rolling out optional conversions to full Google E-mail for teachers.  Following several sign-up windows, we now have over 150 staff members who have converted off of Outlook/Exchange.

Smart Notebook 14.3/Smart Response VE:  We are currently testing out the new Smart Notebook in our software self-service portal.  Along with the upgraded version also comes the fully online VE response tools which are a great compliment to our full 1:1 programs in grades 3-8 and 3,000 High School students.


Nexus 7/Google Play for Edu:  As we look towards technology needs in grades K-2, we are piloting classroom sets of Nexus 7 tablets.  The first cart will be rolling into a 2nd grade classroom at RP.  These tablets allow the teacher to have complete control over available apps from a central console.