Welcome Back

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Jul 212015
We are excited for the return of our students and so many of you.  We know that technology is an integral part of your daily lives, so here are a few new items and reminders to start the year off with:
Self-service Software (Install Google Drive, Upgrade Smart, etc.)
Follow us on Twitter @PerrySchTech

Password Expirations

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Apr 082015

Beginning on April 29th we have over 700 user passwords set to expire.  You can change this password at any time to reset the 180 day timer.

Change password:  Login to any Perry Township computer, press ctrl-alt-del on your keyboard at the same time.  This will bring up the option to change your password.

Password Self-service:  Be sure to enroll in Password Self-service before you need it.  This will allow you to reset your password without having to call or after-hours.  Go to https://lync.msdpt.k12.in.us:9251

Expiration Notices:  Beginning seven days before expiration you will start receiving automated e-mails notifying you of the expiration.  You must change your password before it expires and can do so at any time.

Optional G-mail Upgrade

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Mar 102015

We are offering the opportunity for you to convert your Township Outlook email (username@perryschools.org) to Google Mail. We will be converting groups of 50 at a time. Please fill out this form to begin the process.

Being Ready for ISTEP Readiness

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Feb 122015

What does it take for Perry Township Technology to be ready for ISTEP readiness take 2?

  • We took the CTB/state provided MSI (installer) file and built it into a SCCM 2012 package.  That package then has to be pushed out to our 5,800 Windows 1:1 devices.  This is always a challenge as the machines utilize only wireless networking and are only available sporadically.  As of testing morning, the update has reached 5,143 of the machines.
  • We have 5 VMWare View pools that have to be rebuilt in order for testing to take place in our computer labs at Elementary/Middle Schools.  That process involves activating the original master images, uninstalling the previous ISTEP client, installing the new, and then rebuilding all of the pool machines.
  • The change in version has created unexpected issues with our 1,200 1:1 Chromebooks at the middle schools.  The application did not automatically update in our single app kiosk mode.  As an attempt at a solution we removed the previous version temporarily, and then added it all back.  We are hopeful that the majority of machines will be ready.  Unfortunately any machine that was not used during the removal time-period will likely still have the old version.

During the test today, we will be operating a Today’s Meet session to monitor progress in all of our buildings.  Thank you to all of our teachers, staff, and students for their patience and efforts during these sometimes difficult times.

Grading Timeline

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Nov 132014

November 14th – Q2 “Mid-term” date


November 14th – Technology Clears Printed Report Card Option for all families

November 17th – Schools begin publishing directions for setting printed report card request (reset yearly)


December 18th – End of 1st Semester

December 19th  @ 11:59pm – Elementary Grade Entry Closes

December 21st @ 11:59pm – 6-12 Grade Entry Closes

December 22nd – Technology Posts Online Report Cards

December 22nd – Technology Prints K Report Cards by Request of Building

December 22nd – Buildings may begin printing requested hard copies

January 6th – Hard copy report cards distributed


February 6th – Q3 “Mid-term” date


March 13th – End of 3rd Nine Weeks

March 16th @ 11:59pm – All Grade Entry Closes

March 17th  – Technology Posts Online Report Cards

March 17th  – Technology Prints K Report Cards by Request of Building

March 17th  – Buildings may begin printing requested hard copies

March 20th  – Hard copy report cards distributed


April 24th – Q4 “Mid-term” date


May 28th – End of Year

May 27th @ 11:59pm – Elementary grade entry closes

May 28th– Elementary Schools can print the report card

May 29th @ 9:00am – Technology Posts Online Report Cards for Elementary

May 29th @ 11:59pm – 6-12 grade entry closes

June 1st – Technology Posts Online Report Cards for 6-12

Important Password Information

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Oct 292014

Over the past several years we have merged passwords down to as few as possible.  Your main password gives you access to your computer, drives, Internet, gradebook, e-mail, and a great deal of confidential information in Skyward.

Recently staff passwords have become a target for students attempting to gain staff level access to the Internet (Youtube and Facebook amongst others).  In recent months we have had ten staff passwords compromised and in use by students.  In addition to being a concern for teachers Internet records this also creates the possibility that students could acquire and change a great deal of confidential information.

Beginning on October 31st, we will be implementing stricter password requirements on your computer account.  The system may ask you to change your password on or after that day and it will need to meet the following guidelines:

  • Minimum of 8 characters
  • Must contain one of at least 3 of the following (an example would be He11oworld):
    • English uppercase characters (A-Z)
    • English lowercase characters (a-z)
    • Base 10 digits (0-9)
    • Non-alphanumeric (For example:  !, $, #, or %)
  • In addition, passwords will expire approximately twice a year and you will be asked to create a new one.

Our goal is to streamline the password process to minimize disruptions while also maintain appropriate security.  In addition, starting today, your Google password will now also be in sync with any changes you make.

The unified password will be used for:

  • Computer
  • E-mail
  • Skyward
  • Google Accounts
  • My Big Campus
  • Pivot

End of First Four Weeks

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Aug 222014

Today marks the end of our first four weeks of Q1.  If applicable, we would ask on this date that you check your gradebooks and look for your students who are struggling.  If you have not already been in contact with those guardians, please do so in any form you deem appropriate.

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Welcome Back

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Jul 252014

Welcome Back Staff!!! Over the summer, your Technology Department has been busy working on many items. Here are a few highlights:

  • The latest data and classes have been loaded into Pivot. You can look at your new students right now!
  • Desktop machines were updated with current software, including Office 2013.
  • New or improved wireless access was added all around the District.
  • Skyward was upgraded, rolled, and readied for this school year with many great improvements.
  • A new caching system was installed that stores temporary copies of items like YouTube videos for classroom use.
  • All virtual desktop systems were updated and cleaned.
  • Servers throughout the District were checked out and readied.
  • Successmaker, Scholastic, and many other curriculum programs were brought to their newest versions.
  • 3,000 new Chromebooks were readied for a great school year.
  • Hapara Chromebook management system was brought online and integrated to Skyward for SHS.
  • New data integrations were created for McGraw-Hill and Pearson textbook software.