Welcome Back

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Jul 212015
We are excited for the return of our students and so many of you.  We know that technology is an integral part of your daily lives, so here are a few new items and reminders to start the year off with:
Self-service Software (Install Google Drive, Upgrade Smart, etc.)
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ISTEP+ Online

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Apr 042011

Welcome back everyone, I hope you had a nice break….  This year we are required to test ISTEP+ Online in grade 5,6, and 8.  We will begin in earnest this week with practice testing all of these students and over the next few weeks we’ll move into the real test.  This is a top priority and may require some changes to the network and Internet access.  We will be monitoring the network to see if other uses are interfering with testing and if so we’ll have to make changes to protect it.  If that occurs, we will more than likely temporarily block access to sites with videos, streaming music, and other high bandwidth sites.

Experience ISTEP Online

Technology News Today

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Oct 212010

In our first broadcast, we’ll take a look at…

Digital Storytelling/Presentation Resources:

… and in the emerging technology spotlight we’ll take a brief look at how computing life at Perry Meridian High School might be transforming.

Click Here to Start the Show

(Note:  Low resolution to start quickly.)

Technology Numbers

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Sep 242010

Happy Friday!!!

– In the last one month period, we made 2.7 million (yes million) impressions on our copy machines

– We operate 1,652 e-mail accounts on 2 primary virtual servers

– Since school started, we have created 230 work orders

– Yesterday, HelpDesk responded to 86 e-mails

– Yesterday, we peaked our Internet connection at 68MB out of a possible 200MB

– Our highest network traffic building yesterday was RISE with a peak of 88MB at around 1PM

– The main district file server currently is holding 499GB of data

Fun Friday Technology Trivia

Matthew Willey