Fall Intersession Work

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Oct 092015

There will be sporadic outages in technology over Fall Intersession due to upgrades.

  • Wired and wireless network upgrades are occurring at SA, PA, SM, PM, SH, PH.  Outages will be throughout the building and one complete shutdown time. in each building  These will take place around areas used by students in the mornings of the first four days and throughout the remainder of the two week time.

  • Server upgrades will take place on numerous services.  These updates will occur in the afternoons of the first week and any time during the second week.  Various services will be impacted as outages occur.

  • Internet upgrades will be taking place.  The main firewall will be replaced with possible outages in the afternoons of 10/12-14 and the circuit will upgraded on 10/15.

Student Logins

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Aug 212015

Computer Logins:
Username:  Perry Student ID (000000)
Password:  Lunch Number (00000)

Google Logins:
Password:  Lunch Number (00000)

Scholastic Systems:
Username:  Perry Student ID (000000)
Password:  Lunch Number (00000)

McGraw-Hill ConnectEd:
Username:  000000perry
Password: 00000perry

Office 365:
Password: Lunch Number (00000)

Students do not login traditionally.  They select a class, then their name from the building Waterford link.

Username:  Perry Student ID (000000)
Password:  Lunch Number (00000)
Note: Students should login from the link our page, not from a Google search.

Username: Student ID with 5340 at the end (0000005340)
Password: Lunch Number (00000)

Welcome Back

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Jul 212015
We are excited for the return of our students and so many of you.  We know that technology is an integral part of your daily lives, so here are a few new items and reminders to start the year off with:
Self-service Software (Install Google Drive, Upgrade Smart, etc.)
Follow us on Twitter @PerrySchTech

Password Expirations

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Apr 082015

Beginning on April 29th we have over 700 user passwords set to expire.  You can change this password at any time to reset the 180 day timer.

Change password:  Login to any Perry Township computer, press ctrl-alt-del on your keyboard at the same time.  This will bring up the option to change your password.

Password Self-service:  Be sure to enroll in Password Self-service before you need it.  This will allow you to reset your password without having to call or after-hours.  Go to

Expiration Notices:  Beginning seven days before expiration you will start receiving automated e-mails notifying you of the expiration.  You must change your password before it expires and can do so at any time.