SSL Decryption

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Jun 202016

In order to combat the growing threat caused by malware, we are going to begin using a technology called SSL decryption.  This system will decrypt certain Internet traffic (excluding sensitive sites such as banking) and allow our scanners to view the content.  Beginning in the summer of 2016, our systems will begin scanning this content for all devices used on our networks.  Any systems managed by Perry Township already have the necessary pieces in place.  However, systems using our BYOD networks will need to install certificates in order to avoid warning messages.

Securly manual install for Windows, Chromebooks, and Mac OS

Securly manual install for IOS

Securly manual install for Android

Note that this is also needed on District provided teacher chromebooks.

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End of First Four Weeks

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Aug 222014

Today marks the end of our first four weeks of Q1.  If applicable, we would ask on this date that you check your gradebooks and look for your students who are struggling.  If you have not already been in contact with those guardians, please do so in any form you deem appropriate.

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End of Year Grading Timeline

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May 192014

Grades 1-5:

Wednesday 5/28 @ Noon:  Grade entry closes.  Any changes after this time require following this process:

Wednesday 5/28:  Buildings begin printing report cards

Thursday 5/29:  Begin posting online report cards

Report cards will be sent home from the building on a schedule set by the building.


Grades 6-12:

Monday 6/2 @ 12:01am: Grade Entry closes

Monday 6/2:  Begin posting online report cards

Tuesday 6/3:  Buildings may print requested paper copies for mailing and/or pick-up



Schedule will be set by each building to be printed on or before 5/28 for hand marking.

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Chromebooks in Perry Township

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Mar 142014


What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are simplified laptops running the Google Chrome Operating System. They are integrated into our Google Apps for Education infrastructure. A Chromebook can be used for Internet activity, editing documents, advanced calculator, audio and video recording, and more while booting up in under 10 seconds and being easy to use.  More information: Wikipedia

Why Chromebooks in Perry Township?

We have found Chromebooks to be an outstanding value product that are available for as low as $200 each.  For that, our students receive a speedy, full-function device that is easily managed with our Google Apps for Education system.  Through a broad-based examination with many parties involved we have found them to be the absolute sweet spot for our needs in many cases.

Where does Perry Township have Chromebooks Today?

We currently have a pilot of over 900 Samsung Chromebooks in the hands of high school students participating in our blended learning classes.  Those students keep the device with them throughout the semester in classes and at home.

What is Next for Chromebooks in Perry Township?

Southport High School is exploring becoming a 1:1 Chromebook school as soon as next school year.  That goal would put a common learning tool in the hands of every student.  Between the device and the building’s rich commitment to curriculum development, they are truly looking to be a leader in the field and to build future leaders in the world they live.  We are excitedly exploring this potential.

How Would Student’s Obtain Chromebooks for 1:1?

The District and SHS are currently exploring a number of options.  Most notably we are looking at the potential for families to purchase their own Chromebook with no restrictions that could be used by their student for years to come.  Other options are also being looked at including rental, in-building checkout, and other financial assistance.

Would Families Only be able to use Chromebooks Purchased through Perry Township for 1:1?

We would welcome all Chromebooks into the fold.  A family would be welcome to purchase a device from Amazon or Best Buy.  Our goal is the common platform of a Chromebook to create a common teaching environment for us all to grow with.

Is a Chromebook a Chromebook?

There are a variety of different companies that make Chromebooks.  The common element is that they all run Google Chrome OS.  Any of the devices provide a common platform for students and teachers.  Chromebooks can be purchase anywhere from $200 on up and all have the same platform.  More information:  Chromebooks

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Student Data Update

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Feb 172014

The Perry Township Technology Department is proud to support our teachers in using data in their classroom.  This year we have taken many steps to provide the tools necessary to our staff.

The Pivot Data Warehouse ( gives you access to nearly all the data we know about our students.

  • You can access all of our major progress monitoring and cumulative testing data in one place.
  • Within the system, you can group and monitor your students on a regular basis.
  • Data is updated on a regular basis as testing windows close.
  • Data is available from SRI, Acuity, mClass, ECA, ISTEP, IREAD, Las Links, SAT, ACT, and CogAT amongst others!
  • All teachers can login using their normal computer login and will have access to any students rostered in Skyward.
  • Students can login using their normal computer login at home and school.  We would encourage teachers to share this with their students and let them own this data.

Did You Know?

Data in Pivot goes well beyond just the overall scores.  For example in Acuity data you can drill all the way down to the various standards data:





Within Skyward we also keep data under the Test Scores area for major tests such as SRI, ISTEP, and ECA.

Recent Data Updates

  • Pivot Rosters are now updated automatically on a nightly basis.
  • Data in Skyward and Pivot was recently updated for ECA and SRI/Lexile.
  • Pivot Dashboards are now available for all users.


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Summer Highlights

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Jul 232013

It has been a busy summer in Technology.  A few highlights:

– The District SIS has been converted over from Ark to Skyward.

– 1100 Chromebooks are ready to roll out at our High Schools to start the year.

– Existing 1:1 devices are ready to move up to grades 4 and 7.

– The Virtual Desktop Environment was rebuilt from scratch with some exciting new enhancements.

– Desktop machines were updated with the latest software image.

– Successmaker and Scholastic have been upgraded to the new version.

– New classroom sound systems have been installed at our high schools.

– Wireless upgrades are in progress throughout the township.

– Electrical systems were upgraded in our network center.

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Skyward Update

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Jul 232013

We are excited and proud to be starting the 2013-14 school year utilizing Skyward as our Student Information System.  There are a number of items still in progress but we are ready for school to start and thrilled with the possibilities as this year continues.

– Over 400 teachers were trained over the summer on the new system.  Every building has at least two gradebook experts and we will be out for start of school setup as usual.  Thank you to all of you for spending part of your summer with us.

– The Skyward How-To Section is growing:

– Parent and Student Access has been enabled for our families.  More information:

– Skyward has an outstanding app out for Android and iOS available in their respective App Stores.

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