Nov 042011

Network Upgrades:

We have finally received word that funding is available under the Federal E-Rate program for our network upgrades.  We will be starting with the wired and wireless networks at WV and SE.  Following that early next year will be AL, CY, and HE.  We are very excited to get these projects rolling.

Staff Wireless:

We now have a test system up at the Education Center and it is going very well.  We plan to roll out a beta network to Perry High next.  We had planned on SHS being the test however that system is still going to require more work.

Full-Roaming Wireless:

We are now a full-roaming wireless district in all instructional areas with the completion of the SHS wireless network.

Virtual Infrastructure:

We were able to add in additional resources to our virtual environment.  The system now seems to be much more reliable overall.  We have been under a bit of an attack the last couple days, however we believe we now have that isolated.


The new webserver is running behind schedule.  We are working diligently to get it in place and end the occasional agonizing slowness.

Smartboards Everywhere:

The Smartboard project is moving along nicely.  We will be going out to bid this month and getting our ducks in a row to start ordering in January once the funds are available.


We are to begin receiving the new devices next week.  After we work out some kinks, we will be rolling out devices in phases to PA teachers.  Timeline still seems intact for a student rollout in early January.  Very, very exciting 🙂

Cloud-based Services:

We are continuing with our limited pilots of Google Apps services.  Staff accounts are now in place and should be rolling to a world near you soon.