SSL Decryption

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Jun 202016

In order to combat the growing threat caused by malware, we are going to begin using a technology called SSL decryption.  This system will decrypt certain Internet traffic (excluding sensitive sites such as banking) and allow our scanners to view the content.  Beginning in the summer of 2016, our systems will begin scanning this content for all devices used on our networks.  Any systems managed by Perry Township already have the necessary pieces in place.  However, systems using our BYOD networks will need to install certificates in order to avoid warning messages.

Securly manual install for Windows, Chromebooks, and Mac OS

Securly manual install for IOS

Securly manual install for Android

Note that this is also needed on District provided teacher chromebooks.

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Fall Intersession Work

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Oct 092015

There will be sporadic outages in technology over Fall Intersession due to upgrades.

  • Wired and wireless network upgrades are occurring at SA, PA, SM, PM, SH, PH.  Outages will be throughout the building and one complete shutdown time. in each building  These will take place around areas used by students in the mornings of the first four days and throughout the remainder of the two week time.

  • Server upgrades will take place on numerous services.  These updates will occur in the afternoons of the first week and any time during the second week.  Various services will be impacted as outages occur.

  • Internet upgrades will be taking place.  The main firewall will be replaced with possible outages in the afternoons of 10/12-14 and the circuit will upgraded on 10/15.

Student Logins

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Aug 212015

Computer Logins:
Username:  Perry Student ID (000000)
Password:  Lunch Number (00000)

Google Logins:
Password:  Lunch Number (00000)

Scholastic Systems:
Username:  Perry Student ID (000000)
Password:  Lunch Number (00000)

McGraw-Hill ConnectEd:
Username:  000000perry
Password: 00000perry

Office 365:
Password: Lunch Number (00000)

Students do not login traditionally.  They select a class, then their name from the building Waterford link.

Username:  Perry Student ID (000000)
Password:  Lunch Number (00000)
Note: Students should login from the link our page, not from a Google search.

Username: Student ID with 5340 at the end (0000005340)
Password: Lunch Number (00000)