Below is the SHS teaching staff for the 2016 – 2017 school year.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call the main office at 789-4800.

Name Department Phone
Mr. Jason Adler (email)  Math  789-4852
Ms. Erin Ancelet (email)  English  789-4905
Mrs. Rachel Ancelet (email) Physical Education 789-4985
Mr. Brian Auger (email) English 789-4971
Mrs. Carla Barker (email) Foreign Language 789-4810
Mrs. Brandi Battinau (email) Master Teacher 789-4887
Ms. Sara Berghoff (email) English 789-4908
Ms. Patricia Blake (email) Math 789-4934
Mr. Brent Bockelman (email) English 789-4914
Mr. Ron Bowen (email) Science 789-4976
Mr. AJ Braun (email) Social Studies 789-4954
Mr. Cody Braun (email) Social Studies  789-4945
Ms. Julie Breeden (email) English 789-4903
Ms. Chelsea Brothers (email) Math 789-4930
Mr. Josh Brown (email) English 789-4853
Mr. Steven Burk (email) Science 789-4977
Mr. Tim Case (email) Math 789-4992
Mr. Bernard Cissell (email) Business 789-4962
Mr. Ethan Coffman (email) Math 789-4931
Mr. David Copeland (email) Music 789-4997
Mrs. Catherine Cullison (email) Math 789-4936
Mr. John Davis (email) Science 789-4965
Mr. Tom Davis (email) Master Teacher 789-4842
Mrs. Jorie Depalma (email) Social Worker 789-4895
Ms. Katherine Doty (email) Music/Choir 789-4994
Mr. Brian Dugger (email) Social Studies 789-4901
Mr. Mark Duncan (email) Science 789-4964
Mrs. Jody Egan (email) Special Education  789-4987
Mr. Bryan Elliott (email) Science 789-4963
Mrs. Holly Ellis (email) Special Education 789-4981
Ms. Leah Enterline (email) PE/Health 789-4957
Mr. Scott Evans (email) Special Education  789-4906
Ms. Christina Ferguson (email) Math 789-4937
Mr. Christopher Finkhouse (email) Science 789-4972
Mr. Nathan Fishel (email) Social Studies 789-4951
Ms. Tara Foor (email) IMC 789-4871
Mrs. Dawn Fowerbaugh (email) English 789-4909
Mr. Clint Frank (email) PE/Weights 789-4983
Mr. Andrew Geller (email) Social Studies 789-4955
Mrs. Sarah Gott-Helton (email) English 789-4913
Mr. Sam Hanley (email) English 789-4846
Mr. Jacob Harrell (email) PE/Health 789-4896
Ms. Kathryn Hehmann (email) FACS 789-4993
Mr. Justin Heinold (email) Science 789-4961
Mrs. Natalie Hendrix-Evans (email) ASL 789-4921
Mr. Mark Henninger (email) English 789-4829
Mr. Robert Hoffmann-Longtin (email) EL 789-4884
Mr. Josef Horvath (email) English 789-4919
Mrs. Clare Hulfachor (email) Music 789-4980/vm 1431
Mrs. Barbara Huotari  (email) Special Education 789-4967/ 4996
Mrs. Rosalind Jackson (email) Foreign Language 789-4810
Mr. Tim Jamriska (email) English 789-4910
Mr. Michael Johnson (email) Math 789-4928
Mr. Dan Jones (email) Social Studies 789-4946
Mrs. Raye L. Jordan (email) FACS 789-4991
Mrs. Jennifer Karushis (email) Special Education 789-4984/ 4996
Mr. Mike Klopfenstein (email) English 789-4827
Ms. Sara Kohne (email) English 789-4907
Ms. Brianna Kompara (email) EL 789-4877
Mrs. Kathleen Kundel (email) Math 789-4940
Mr. Joe Leonard (email) Social Studies 789-4882
Mr. Gene Lezon (email) Social Studies 789-4952
Mr. David Luers (email) Social Studies 789-4889
Ms. Rachel Malinsky (email) Foreign Language 789-4927
Ms. Marsha Manning (email)  EL 789-4826
Mr. Alex Mao (email) Foreign Language 789-4969
Mrs. Stacey Matlock (email) Science 789-4943
Mr. Conner McNeely (email) Foreign Language 789-4926
Mr. Tyler Milbee (email) Business 789-4960
Mr. Art Miner (email) Math 789-4933
Mrs. Kelly Nickson (email) Math 789-4942
Ms. Patricia O’Connor (email) Foreign Language 789-4924
Mrs. Brianne Osburn (email) English 789-4902
Ms. Rachel Pearce (email) Science 789-4859
Mrs. Amy Peddie (email) EL 789-4854
Mr. Anthony Pernell (email) Art 789-4975
Mrs. Janet Pernell (email) Math 789-4892
Mrs. Christine Powell (email) Foreign Language 789-4925
Mr. Craig Ray (email) Physical Education 789-4833
Mr. Mike Rudisill (email) PE/Athletic Trainer 789-4989
Mr. Elmer Sanders (email) Science 789-4968
Ms. Melissa Schick (email) Master Teacher 789-4897
Ms. Amanda Schnepp (email) Science 789-4973
Mrs. Stephanie Schott (email) Cardinal Academy 789-4883
Ms. Donna Sekhon (email) Math 789-4938
Mr. Cory Shrum (email) Special Education 789-4860
Mr. Kyle Simpson (email) Cardinal Academy 789-4883/ 4935
Mr. Jason Singleton (email) Science 789-4988
Mr. A. Nick Skinner (email) PE/Health 789-4998
Mr. Kenneth Slaughter (email) Business 789-4941
Mr. Mark Snodgrass (email) PLTW 789-4830
Mr. Chris Sponsler (email) Foreign Language 789-4922
Mr. Aaron Strader (email) Social Studies 789-4953
Mr. Matthew Taylor (email) PE/Health 789-4982
Mrs. Bonnie Tempest (email) Social Studies 789-4917
Ms. Amy Thomas (email) English 789-4912
Mr. Bruce Thompson (email) Art 789-4978
Mrs. Heather Todero (email) English 789-4868
Ms. Daryl Traylor (email) Science 789-4872
Mr. Nicholas Vannote (email) Art 789-4838
Mrs. Jessi Walpole (email) English 789-4916
Mr. Tyler Weatherford (email) Social Studies 789-4949
Mrs. Mary K. Wheeler (email) Math 789-4939
Mr. Turk White (email) Math 789-4915
Mrs. Barbara Whitlock (email) English 789-4874
Mr. Scott Whitlock (email) Special Education 789-4886
Mr. Jack Williams (email) Math 789-4944
Mr. Brandon Winters (email) PE/Business 789-4837
Mrs. Megan Woodward (email) English  789-4911
Mr. Thomas Wright (email) Music 789-4995
Mrs. Jacqui Young (email) Master Teacher 789-4885
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