AED Locations?

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Jul 202016


You never know when you might need to save a life! Do you know where the AEDs are located in your building?


Click here for a listing of AED Locations in MSDPT buildings.

Lifting and Carrying Safety


Welcome back, staff! As we all might be moving back into our buildings, check out this video on lifting safety. Be mindful of those heavy items!

Slips, Trips & Falls

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Oct 282014

A five year study of injuries for Perry Township employees shows that almost half of all injuries occurred on a Tuesday or Wednesday.  More than half of all dollars spent for claims were for accidents on those two days.  One of the highest occurring injuries are “slips, trips and falls”. Watch the brief video below for some safety tips!

What is the safest day of the school week?   Believe it or not, Fridays have the lowest frequency and dollars spent on injuries.  Only 4% of the total dollars spent were for injuries occurring on a Friday.  That includes ten days that were Friday the 13th!

CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

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Aug 252014

Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training provides practical skills and strategies to safely manage disruptive or difficult behavior while balancing the responsibilities of care, welfare, safety and security for everyone. Click here to watch an informative video!


Slips, Trips & Falls

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Aug 242013

Slips, Trips & Falls is one of the most common categories for workplace injuries. Click here to watch a video on ways to prevent slipping, tripping and falling.

Rod Stickman

Proper Lifting

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Jul 152013

Moving in to start the school year? Check out this video on properly lifting objects from the floor.

Click here to view a video on Proper Lifting

Proper Lifting