Perry Township Schools are committed to open, transparent, honest and thorough communication and collaboration between students, staff, parents, community members and all other stakeholders that result in positive relationships and enhance student achievement.

We believe that this type of communication leads to a better understanding of how the district operates and about the many programs and services it offers. At the same time, it helps to foster a sense of pride in what we believe is a true community asset: a strong school district committed to equitable and lifelong learning opportunities that lead to success.

Whether it’s promoting school/township events; working with the local news media; or simply answering questions; the district strives to keep our school community as informed as possible about the Perry Township Schools.

We are committed to providing factual, transparent, objective and reliable data; using a variety of communication vehicles to reach intended audiences; and maintain an atmosphere that welcomes public participation. Through our work, we provide support and services to students, staff, parents, and our community.

If, at any time, you would like additional information about Perry Township Schools, or you are unable to find an answer to your question through the web site, please feel free to contact the Communications & Marketing Coordinator, Rick Hightower, at (317) 789-3976 or email: rhightower@perryschools.org



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