Perry Twp. School Police – “Protecting Indiana’s future”

School Police Department – David Stalcup, Director 317-789-3926 email

On Duty Officer (24/7): 317-780-4296

VISITORS IN THE BUILDING Welcome to our schools!  Upon entering any building, visitors must report to the office, sign in and be issued a Visitor’s badge. Please use only the “front door”, as all other doors will be locked.

Who we are: All officers are full-fledged police officers with complete arrest powers.  Part time officers are off-duty IMPD of Sheriff Deputies.  Some officers are assigned to buildings while others roam where needed.

Full Time Officers: Telephone Building eMail Part Time Officers:
David Stalcup, Director 789-3926 Central email
Tom Nolan 789-4405 Perry Meridian High email Clayton Willis
Anthony McGavock 789-4668 Southport Middle and Academy email Dave Whitesell

Bob Hicks

Steven DeBoard 789-4805 Southport High email Kelly Hayes
Sabrina Humble 789-4168 Perry Meridian Middle and Academy email Kerry Buckner
Heather McKee James Whitcomb Riley  email Shelly Hayes
Woody Burton

Statistics: MSDPT has five(5) cars. Part time officers use their own department issued cars. All cars are fully equiped, some include a laptop that can observe all surveillance cameras. Drug dog: “Drake” is owned by Chief Stalcup and services Marion County as well as MSDPT schools.

Indiana Sheriffs’ Sex Offender Registry