GPS Bus Tracking System

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Jan 312017

Perry Township Schools is working with My Stop to provide GPS tracking information on our busses and give families more exact information about when their child’s bus will arrive. Homecroft Elementary is the first school to test out this system.

Parents/Guardians must log into the system with a district-provided account, and can only see tracking information for their own children’s bus routes. At this time access to the app is only available to the guardian listed first in the “Family 1” section of Skyward. This person must have both a phone number and email listed in Skyward for their “My Stop” account to be created.

The parent/guardian User Name is same as their Skyward login, and the password is the ten digit phone number listed for the student’s primary guardian. The password is written as numbers only – no spaces, no punctuation. 

We are excited to launch this system, which should help to minimize the amount of time that students spend outdoors waiting for their bus to arrive.

My Stop How-To Page

Launch the My Stop App

Typing Agent At Home

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Jan 262017

Did you know that not only are our K-3 students learning to type at school, but that the software that they use is online and available all the time? Students can log in and practice anytime, at school or at home!

Today’s computerized world offers a lot of opportunities, but it also requires special skills. Learning to type by touch is important for school and career success, because it allows people to put their thoughts into writing without having to stop and worry about where to put their fingers on the keys.

Why not have your student sign into their account from home to show off their skills and get in a little extra practice?

Students can get to our login page at

More detailed “How to” information, including screenshots: Typing Agent


Canvas in the Classroom

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Mar 162016


Although we’ve had Canvas for less than a year, many teachers are now using this new online course system! We are very excited as we watch the use of Canvas enhance learning in Perry Township classrooms !

There are many great features that teachers are using. One example is an Online Discussion Forum. These online discussions provide a symposium of sorts where students are able to share ideas and write responses to other student postings.

Multimedia integration is amazing feature in Canvas. Video and audio can be recorded and embedded into any part of Canvas. This works well for teachers as they give instructions and feedback. Students are also able to compose audio and video work in Canvas.

Finally, the online quiz feature in Canvas has numerous question types and enhanced features including the ability for teachers to schedule the revealing of correct answers and the ability to allow multiple attempts for the same test! The three features we’ve discussed in this post are the tip of the iceberg, there are many more features available!

New for 2015-16 School Year

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Aug 262015

This is an exciting year for technology in Perry Township.  We are making an even bigger integration with Google; including more Chromebooks in the classroom and a much larger focus on Google Apps for Education.  This year grades K-2 will be able to use our new Waterford Program, which does an excellent job of enhancing and encouraging skills in math, reading, and science.  K-6 grade will also be able to use IXL, which is another fantastic resource for enhancing reading and math skills in a fun online environment.   Perry Township will also be continuing its support of MyOn, a virtual library of thousands of books, and Brainpop, an interactive site that provides informational and standards based content in the form of videos and games for young learners.

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Jan 132015

Welcome to the Perry Township Technology Parent Corner!  Please see the bar at the very top to choose a topic regarding what your student uses in the classroom and staying connected as a parent.  Thank you for being a part of education here in Perry Township.