November 30, 2011

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Nov 302011

Make-up day.  Let’s finish all of the work from Monday and Tuesday’s assignments.  If you have finished and I have checked your work, you may play business games. 

November 29, 2011

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Nov 292011

Yesterday you found out some interesting things about your country.  Today, we will have a closer look at taking a vacation in the country you chose.  Open up Bucket List …and use the internet to answer the questions.

You will have until tomorrow to finish this work.  If you finish, make sure I check it before you do anything else. 

November 28,2011

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Nov 282011

Vacation anyone?  Where would you like to go on vacation.  Open google maps or another map website and search the world for a country to travel to.  You can pick any country except the U.S. 

Then, open up 10 Questions for taking a vacation and complete answer the questions about the country you chose.

Thanksgiving Week

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Nov 182011


These three days students are to spend time their REAL time getting all assignments completed. It’s catch up time!

1. Check your student login grades and make sure you have all your work in all your classes completed. If not, you can work on it.

2. Log in to Moodle. Go to assignments. Triple check that you have turned in absolutely everything you are required to turn in. Not sure? Raise your hand and have Mr. Wilkins help you check.

The sites below are the only sites you can visit after you have finished all your work in all your classes.

Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Bricks

Thanksgiving Bounce

Turkey Swap

Thanksgiving puzzle

Perky Turkey

Dress a Turkey

Up and Away

Talk Like a Pilgrim (need headphones)

Test your Thanksgiving Knowledge

Thanksgiving Trivia

Spongebob Thanksgiving

Dress a Potato

Fling a Turkey

Thanksgiving Webquest

 Business Games



November 11, 2011

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Nov 112011

EC today.  But only if you have truned in all of your work from Story of the Dollar to the Cost of College.