October 3, 2011

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Sep 302011

Happy Octoboo!


Mrs. Harmon is absent today. Students are to follow the directions below as well as the regular classroom procedures.

All students need headphones. Hopefully you have your own. If not borrow from the board and return them at the end of the period.

If you did not upload your comic strip to Moodle Friday, you need to get that done!

1.  Take care of school business and check the news on one of the news sites in the widget on the left of this blog. 10 minutes.

2. Watch the 12 webisodes on Stop Bullying Now.  25 minutes (this should take at LEAST 20 minutes of classtime, watch again even if you saw them all last year)

3. At the end of each Webisode is a quiz. Make sure you take the quiz and get all the answers correct. ūüôā 5 minutes

4. When you have watched all 12 webisodes and taken the quizes for each webisode, you my play the games on the Stop Bullying Now website only.

September 30, 2011

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Sep 292011

YOU NEED HEADPHONES MONDAY! (try not to use the yucky community ones from the wall)

If your comic strip is complete and uploaded to Moodle, you can have educational choice. 

Educational choice includes:

1. School Business

2. Software Tools

3. The news links on the left and helpful classwork links on the right of this post.

4. All sites that have been submitted correctly and approved. (see below)

5. IMC visit

6. Locker clean out

7. Reading a book in the reading chairs

8. Any site we have used for our classwork (ex. hero machine)

Professor Garfield Funbrain Coolmath Worlds Hardest Game Typing, Typing Game Cubefield



 http://www.gamesforthebrain.com/  http://brainist.com/ http://hoodamath.com/ 


Edheads                          Nick

 I Know That (remember that if you register you are not allowed to provide address or phone numbers)

Minecraft (you can play the free version link on the mid-right side of the site)


King (you can only play for fun, not for prizes)

Dan-Ball                 Physics Games

 Master of Fortress (only that game) Pokemon

Football You may NOT go to any other game on this site

Run You may NOT go to any other game on this site

 Bloons Tower of Defense 4 You may NOT go to any other game on this site




September 29, 2011

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Sep 282011

Review the requirements for the comic strip assignment:

  1. A comic (very short) story about a current event or a story with a hero that saves the day!
  2. One splash panel or up to six panels
  3. Setting/background in each panel
  4. At least one object/props
  5. Two or more balloons with dialog
  6. Two or more characters you create not preexisting  (the more characters the more complex your comic strip)
  7. COLOR!

Name your comic strip and add your name on the Publisher document

Remember that your comic strip will be displayed in the hall outside B203

Upload your PUBLISHER document to Moodle.

Fastt Math if you are done before the end of the period.

September 28, 2011

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Sep 272011

Students will continue work on their comic strip assignment.

All Done? Fastt Math.

September 23, 2011

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Sep 222011

Happy Fall! (this is a link)

School Business during the news!

Educational Choice after the news. You can go to any site that has been linked to any of my previous posts. (September 2, 9, 16)

Two sites have been submitted properly and approved to be added to our choices:

Football  You may NOT go to any other game on this site

Run You may NOT go to any other game on this site

Bloons Tower of Defense 4 You may NOT go to any other game on this site

September 21, 2011

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Sep 202011

Current Events in the Comics

Students will READ!!! Yay Reading!!! 

1. Get the snipping tool ready to use

2. Open the current event Word document that was created yesterday

3. Go to Comics or Indystar Comics and READ Yay! We get to READ!!!

4. When a comic is found that has the subject of one of the current events listed on the Word doc, snip the comic and add paste it on the Word doc. Save several times during this activity.

September 20, 2011

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Sep 192011


Before we begin our COMICS unit of study, we will go through the steps of uploading the Prezi site to Moodle.

History of Comics

Open MSWord and create a list of current events.

Garfield РComics Lab ONLY! Watch the Jim Davis and Mike Bitz videos, then go to the comic creator.