May 072011

Last REAL project of 7th grade! Go through each one of these steps and DON’T skip any.  I am positive that you do not need help with any of them because I have taught you to be computer literate. Don’t fail me now!

1. Behave. I expect you to.

2. I am at a meeting at the administration building discussing financial literacy. Sorry I’m gone. Reread number 1.

3. Go to Channel One or CNN Student News and watch the show. The links are on the right under links.

4. School Business

5. Your last project is creating a movie similar to the week in Rap.

6. Go to the orb/all programs/Windows Live Movie Maker and just check it out. I’ll teach you how to use it this week.

7. Open the End Project Directions. Read the entire document.  Read it even if you don’t want to. We’ll discuss details tomorrow.

8. You are to listen and watch the following videos to help you with your movie maker training.

Video one

Video Two

Video Three -on the left of this site are five tips in clips or information I want you to absorb. Go through all five.  Again just do it  and stop complaining if you are complaining.

 (are you learning? Make sure you are paying attention to the videos!)

Finally, I want you to go to Free Play and listen to the different background music choices that you have to add to your movie when you are ready. This is a listening activity; I’ll show you how to download if you don’t figure it out on your own.

All done? Really? You did it all? Promise? Ok, go open the assignment again and choose your topic. Then open movie maker again and work on your opening. Start with title and play with the background, text tools, transitions, and visual effects.