Dismissal Time

IMPORTANT: JGE daily dismissal time is at 3:40p. Please be PROMPT when picking up your child. If you are late, you MUST come in the building to sign out your child.
May 022017

Cinco de Mayo

First grade students in Mrs. DeCamp’s World Language class are learning about Mexico in anticipation of Cinco de Mayo. After listening to mariachi music and talking about the instruments in a mariachi band, we read The Best Mariachi in the World and made a part of a mariachis uniform. We can’t wait to wear our sombreros and learn the Mexican Hat Dance!

May 022017

Teacher Appreciation Week

Show your teachers how much they are appreciated!

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 1 – May 5

Apr 192017

Preschool Egg Hunt

Mrs. Savage’s preschool class had an egg hunt on Friday. The kids practiced their counting and comparison skills after collecting their eggs.

Apr 142017

Tricky Terrains

Students in Ms. Young & Mr. Schott’s PE classes demonstrate listening, communication, and cooperation. Students depend on one another to help navigate through tricky terrains.

Apr 142017

5th Grade Inventors 

5th Graders in Ms. Young & Mr. Schott’s PE classes became inventors for the day. They worked in teams to invent a game, which has never been created. Students enjoyed playing the games and proudly sharing with other classmates.

Apr 072017

5th Grade Mock Trial

Students were reminded of the traditional story about “The Three Little Pigs” and then read another version based on the wolf’s point of view called, “The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs!”.  After discussing the fact that there is always more than one side or point of view to every situation, students participated in the mock trial of “B.B. Wolf vs. Curly Pig”.  As the jury, students had to decide if Curly Pig was guilty of causing all of the turmoil.
After the trial, students began their persuasive writing assignment creating their own version of this classic tale.  They had to chose whether to be the wolf or pig, and write their final piece from the character’s point of view.
Cast of Characters:
The judge was played by Mrs. Spangle, B.B. Wolf by Mr. Schott, Curly Pig by Mrs. Bailey, Doug Smith by Mr. Smith, Attorney for B.B. Wolf by Mr. Cummings, Attorney for Curly Pig by Mrs. Dillehay, and the Bailiff by Mr. Sheppard.

Mar 152017

Do You Like Green Eggs & Ham?

Mrs. Savage’s preschool class read Green Eggs and Ham during Dr. Seuss week. Then, they made green eggs and ham to eat! The children helped crack the eggs, pour in the ham and cheese, add drops of green food coloring, and stir the ingredients. After they ate the delicious eggs, they made a graph to show who liked the eggs, and who did not like them.

Mar 152017

Harlem Wizards Return to the Southport Fieldhouse

The Perry Township Education Foundation is excited to announce that the Harlem Wizards will be coming back to Southport Field House to play another tricks, hoops, and alley-oops basketball game against our very own Brave Birds! The event, presented by Community Health Network, will take place on April 22nd at 7:00pm. Tickets are $6 in advance, $8 at the door and can be purchased on our website: www.ptef.org/events

Order forms will be going home with elementary students after spring break.

Mar 102017

Third Grade Explorations

Mrs. Nelson’s third grade class did an exploration activity in Math to learn about volume.  They predicted which items would have the most and least water displaced, then they put the objects in water.  The students used beakers to measure how much water was displaced to find the volume of the objects.

Mar 012017

Green Eggs and Ham

This week, Mrs. Happersberger’s Developmental Preschool class is learning all about Dr. Seuss! They read the book Green Eggs and Ham, and then made their own to try! Students were then able to create a simple graph based on if they liked it or not.

Feb 272017

5th Grade Actors Perform at PTEC

The 5th Grade Actors, along with Mrs. Calvin, traveled to the Perry Township Education Center (PTEC) to perform their Black History Month play about George Washington Carver. Students from the preschool classes, James Whitcomb Riley School, and administrative staff watched the students as they performed.

Feb 272017

ISTEP Pep Rally

Students gathered on Friday for the annual JGE ISTEP Pep Rally! Students in grades 3-5 were honored and cheered as they prepare to take the ISTEP test this week. A flash mob of teachers danced to a song from the new “Trolls” movie, and students were excited to hear from The Big Six-8, who reminded students “If you can BELIEVE, then you can ACHIEVE!”

Feb 222017

Passing ISTEP is Our Super Power!

Room 18, Mrs. Hendrix’s class, is ready for ISTEP!

Passing ISTEP is their SUPER POWER!!!!!!!