Backup Desktop Documents

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Jul 192011

To prepare your machine to be imaged by the Technology Department, please make sure there are no documents on your desktop as these will be lost in the process. 

To see if you have any items that need moved to your H drive, go to your desktop:

The items you need to save would be Office documents for example.  You will need to move them to your H: drive.  You do this by right-clicking on the document and choosing Cut. 

Then go to your H: drive:

Right click on the folder you would like to save to and choose Paste.  The documents will now move from your desktop to your H drive.



To Add a Printer

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Jul 182011

To add a printer after you have been imaged, open Internet Explorer and go to this link:


Find and click on the printer you want to install.

On the left side of the screen, under Printer Actions, choose Connect.

A window will pop up asking if you want to install this printer.  Choose Yes.

If you would like to make this the default printer, click on Click here to open the Printers Folder on your machine.

When that page opens, right click on the printer you just installed and choose Set as default printer.