Level 5 Celebration

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May 252017

These students were recognized for exiting the EL program by scoring a Level 5 on the WIDA ACCESS assessment.  This test measures their ability to speak, listen, read, and write in English.  Students were rewarded with a pizza party for their outstanding achievement of becoming fluent in English.  We are so proud of their hard work!


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May 252017

Glenns Valley Elementary School’s second graders had a culminating activity for their mini-economy unit.  Students created a business with their business partner.  Their favorite part is to be able to shop at all of their friends’ businesses.

Perfect I-READ3 Scores

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May 192017

Congratulations to the following GV students who earned a perfect score on the IREAD 3 test!  We are so proud of their hard work!

Jayden Toliver Peyton Brummitt
Lauren Rairdan Madylan Brown
Evan Phelps Demetrius Brock
Giara Nivar Rose Dawt Hlei Par
Kendall Garland


Are You Looking for a Job?

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May 102017

The Perry Township Food Services has several openings for the 2017-2018 school year including positions at all 4 new Kindergarten Academies .  Applications can be filled out online on the district website at www.perryschools.org   For more information please call Diana Dinkins at 317-789-4149.

Community Partnership in Perry Township

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May 102017
Dr. David H.Wolf, DDS and Cathy Williams, Dental Hygienist, recently taught dental education to 125 first graders at Glenns Valley Elementary School!  The Wolf Family Dentistry team had an interactive program featuring a dental story, dental tools, the brushing bear, and several skull models showing the dental anatomy of humans and animals.  Dr. Wolf entertained and educated first graders in his Crest toothpaste costume!
First graders expanded this dental visit with their Sci Fri “Science Friday
classroom dental experiments and observations, as provided by a grant from the Perry Township Education Foundation!

Citizens of the Month

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May 052017

Congratulations to GV’s April Citizens of the Month!  Thank you for your hard work, leadership, responsibility, and kindness.

Animal Mask Day!

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Apr 282017

Mrs. Zimmerman’s class began their ABC Countdown Celebration.  We have been working on learning our letter names and sounds to begin reading and spelling words.  We are counting down to the end of the school year by celebrating each letter! Today was Animal Mask Day for A!

PTA Meeting May 16

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Apr 282017

Glenns Valley family and friends are invited to the last PTA meeting for this school year. May’s PTA meeting has been moved from May 2nd to May 16th at 6:30 in the Media Center.

The GV PTA has been standing up for your children and supporting our school since 1944! We have a tradition of parents and teachers working and volunteering for our students. See you May 16th at 6:30 in the Media Center. You must enter through the main entrance, as all other doors will be locked.  Your Glenns Valley PTA is the voice of you and your children; we welcome all parents, grandparents and teachers to attend. Mark your calendar for the first TUESDAY of the month and join us!

2016-2017 Officers:

Roxanna Stroud, President
Teresa Billerman, Vice President
Lisa Elliott, 2nd Vice President
Debbie June, Secretary
Deb Rentzell, Treasurer

Volunteer form

September 6th Minutes  
October 4th Minutes
November 1st Minutes
DECEMBER:  no meeting
January 3rd Minutes
APRIL 4th Minutes
MAY 16th Minutes                                              


PTA Dress Down Fundraiser

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Apr 282017

Jeans DayMark your calendars!! Friday, May 12th, our GV Elementary PTA will have a school wide $1 Dress Down Day.

Due to this being a fundraiser for our PTA, we will NOT be accepting any yellow PTA Volunteer Dress Down Vouchers for this event.

Bring in $1 and you are eligible to dress out of school uniform. (Please remember that the dress down day outfit must be school appropriate-no tank tops, sleeveless shirts, rips, holes, tears, etc.)

We look forward to seeing everyone support our GV Elementary PTA on May 12th !!!


Glenns Valley Humanitarian Awards

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Apr 172017


Perry Township’s Department of Student Services hosted their annual Humanitarian Awards Banquet Wednesday, April 12th.  Each school in Perry Township can nominate a student and an adult that goes beyond the call of duty daily for their school. Ben Helton and Kira Lentz were recognized and honored at the Humanitarian Awards Banquet and Celebration Program at PTEC. Ben and Miss Lentz exemplify a pattern of care and concern for others and the betterment of humanity. We are very proud to have both of them represent our school! Congratulations and thank you for helping make GV a better place!


Perry Township Art Show

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Apr 152017

Thank you to everyone who visited the district-wide Perry Township Art Show which featured art from all schools and all grade levels! Much appreciation goes out to those staff members who worked hours preparing for it and setting up the exhibit! The variety and quality of art in the district is impressive–paintings, ceramics, jewelry, drawings, weavings, textiles, paper mache, sculptures and more! Glenns Valley had over 600 pieces on display, created by our First through Fifth Grade Artists. These artistic compositions will soon be on display at GV!


Science for Young Minds: Sci Fri and the Leprechaun Guys!

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Apr 052017
First graders at Glenns Valley Elementary enjoy “Sci Fri,” Science Fridays, thanks to a grant from the Perry Township Education Foundation!  Pictured are students Jacob Wineinger and Ben Helton.  These 5th graders taught first graders in Shelley Dorris’ first grade classroom about rainbows, liquids, matter, molecules, and density!


What’s Next?

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Mar 222017


I want to begin by thanking the many Glenns Valley families who sent me cards and emails of good wishes during my recent health scare! This community is a caring, giving group of wonderful families and I am honored to be a part of it! My entire family thanks you!

Now to the content of this blog…What’s Next?

Spring break reminds me of the trips we used to take as a family…yes, the entire family, all five of us packed into the car driving to wherever…that time that I would love to have back now, but wanted over as quickly as possible when it was happening…go faster…”Are we close?”…”Are we there yet?”. You have all heard those phrases..getting “there” was the goal, sometimes, the kids didn’t even know where “there” was…

That happens to us in school at times. “There” is the next break or vacation or maybe even the summer. But to teachers, “there” is a never ending journey. When students learn something, it is off to the next “there”. Sometimes that student is behind and has much to accomplish before they reach the others, or sometimes that student is ahead and the teacher has to determine where to go next. We try and celebrate when we get “there” and help students feel that sense of accomplishment, but then it is on to the next level.

I love that about school! The journey, the success, the hard work, and the jumping right back into the  next topic. While ISTEP is flawed and should never be the only measurement of student success or school success, it does provide us a way to look at ourselves compared to others. In that light, we need to help our students see the positiveness in trying hard and showing themselves and their parents, what they can achieve. It may end up a time to celebrate, or a time to get moving a little faster, but it is an opportunity that should be embraced as a road map to how the year has gone and how much progress has been made like getting to the next state line and calling it out in celebration!!

In the coming months, please share with your child your positive feelings about their hard work and accomplishments for the year and how excited you will be to see how they do this year.

Thank you for your time and have a safe spring break!

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Learning to Dance

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Mar 082017

Ms. Stumpf and Mrs.. Vernon’s P.E.. and music classes combine to learn the electric slide!