Food Services


Food Service—Free and Reduced Application Access

Perry Township schools will be accepting Free and Reduced Applications beginning July 18 for the 2016-2017 school year through Skyward Family Access.  Below are the 2016-2017 Income Eligibility Guidelines.

Reduced Price Meals 185% of Federal Poverty Guidelines
Household Size Monthly Twice Per Month Every Two Weeks Weekly
1 1,832 916 846 423
2 2,470 1,235 1,140 570
3 3,108 1,554 1,435 718
4 3,747 1,874 1,730 865
5 4,385 2,193 2,024 1,012
6 5,023 2,512 2,319 1,160
7 5,663 2,832 2,614 1,307
8 6,304 3,152 2,910 1,455
For Each Additional Person: +642 +321 +296 +148


If you would like a paper copy, please contact the front office where your child attends. Only one application per household is needed.

Please click the above link to access Skyward—Family access, your login is your firstname.lastname,  if you have never logged in to Skyward Family Access your initial password is “skyward” and you will be asked to change it the first time you login.

Chyrie Thompson, Director of Food Services leads a team of 180 professional who prepare, deliver and serve over 17,000 total meals each day. We are fully committed to providing   nutritious quality meals at breakfast and lunch that meet the USDA’s school meal regulations and comply with the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans.  Perry Township School’s wellness policy promotes Smart Snack guidelines for ala carte snacks sold on campus during the school day.   All menus and nutritional information are provided on the food service’s webpage.  Ingredient information is available in the food service office.   If your child has  medical dietary needs, please contact the school nurse.  If your child has special dietary needs for religious reasons, please send a note to the food service manager at your child’s school.  We will flag your child’s account accordingly.

Your student’s accounts can be accessed and monitored through your Skyward Family Access. Parents can see all the purchases and payments made on their child’s account.  Pre-payments in your child’s account is required and can be easily made on the student’s food service account through e-Funds by clicking on Payments from the Skyward Family access page.   E-funds can also be accessed by clicking on Lunch Fee Payments under “Quick Jump” on the right hand side of the District Home page.  Cash and check payments will also be accepted at your child’s school to be posted to your child’s account prior to meal service.  These payments should be sealed in an envelope with your child’s name on it.

Please monitor your child’s account frequently to avoid low and negative balances. Negative balance statements will be sent to parents each month during the school year, except December, for prompt payment.  We look forward to serving our students at Perry Township!