Friday, July 31

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Jul 312015

Students-Please include the following information in your diagnostic letter:

1) Introduce yourself to me telling me about you and your family.

2) Tell me about a teacher who had a positive impact on you during elementary school or sixth grade. Make sure you explain how the experience came about and why it impacted you positively.

3) Tell me about your educational goals for your seventh grade year—(please be specific and explain why).

4) Tell me what you like to do in your free-time.

5) Tell me something about you that makes you unique. It could be any characteristic, just make sure that you clearly explain how this makes you special.

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Friday, July 31

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Jul 312015

Students should be bringing home a 3-2-1 and parent parent/guardian permission slip tonight. Please complete those and send them back with your student ASAP! 🙂 If you do not want your student to read your 3-2-1, you can email me the answers or seal them in an envelope. 🙂

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Thursday, July 30

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Jul 302015

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! It has been a great start and I am looking forward to getting to know all of my new students. 🙂

Here is some information that you might find helpful throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns that you might have.


Blog:     (click on each teacher)

Instagram:   soar7pmms

Gradebook:      (click on Skyward in top right corner)

Phone: 317-789-4144 

The best way to reach me is through email. Please avoid sending messages through Skyward, as I do not receive alerts and may not get your message immediately. 


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Wednesday, November 5

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Nov 052014

We worked on writing narratives last week. Students shared their narrative with 3-4 other students in Google docs and commented on each others’ writing.

We also took Acuity last week. Congratulations to the top scorers in each class:

ADV 1: Kiersten Dodd

ADV2: Jemimah Mawi and Aeden Tharpe

REG 3-5: Robby Simms

IDEA 6: Kyle McKee

IDEA 7: Sarah Andresen

___________________________________________________________________________________________REG 3-5 and IDEA 6 & 7: Please turn in IRT permission slips and ticket money by Friday! 🙂



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Friday, September 19

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Sep 192014

Advanced 1-2 and Reg 3-5

Today we talked about point of view and practiced writing from different perspectives. No homework

IDEA 6-7

Students worked on their “New Four Olds” presentations. We also shared them with a group of students in the class. Students should work on finishing them over the weekend if they did not finish them in class.

Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, Sept. 17

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Sep 172014

ADV- I introduced direct and indirect characterization today. We did some examples from The Giver in class. Homework is to finish the characterization assignment.

REG- We started typing our character analysis drafts today. No homework.

IDEA- We started our final assessment for Red Scarf Girl. Students may use the text to answer the short essay questions. Responses are due on Friday.

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Online Red Scarf Girl text

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Sep 122014


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Thursday, Sept. 11

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Sep 112014

ADV- Students worked on revisions of character analysis essays. No homework.

REG- Students began planning for character analysis essays. No homework.

IDEA- We read the next chapter in Red Scarf Girl  and completed  an episodic notes graphic organizer outlining the most important events from the chapter. No homework.

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Wednesday, Sept. 10

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Sep 102014

All classes worked in groups and got to play an online game today that reviewed different types of figurative language.

Homework: AOW is due tomorrow!

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