Jul 232010

Well, we left the campsite in Mystic, Ct. and headed home.  Or so we thought……

On the way south on I95 through the state of New York, we got stuck in a traffic jam that even had the veteran New York drivers amazed.  And this is from the town that invented traffic.

In 90 degree heat, sitting for almost 2 1/2 hours not moving, and the cooling system goes.  And it went.  Nothing stops the Land Rover except NYC traffic.  Without going into details, we were stuck on an elevated expressway (think I-65 in downtown Indy) for 4 hours.  By the time we were on 2 different tow trucks and to a hotel, it was 11:30 at night.

Finding a repair shop that would be available to do the work proved difficult.  Renting a car, driving back to Indy and getting a truck and trailer to tow the Rover back wouldn’t work, because there are NO rental cars available.  So, Beth and I wait in a Holiday Inn in Springfield, New Jersey to see what it takes to fix the truck.  The people of New Jersey are very friendly.  We have met very nice people at the AAA Motor Club of Springfield, and the Holiday Inn of Springfield.

Sorry, no pictures yet.  As to the traffic, just imagine the Mall during the Christmas shopping rush, with all the traffic spilling out into US 31, County Line Road and Madison Ave.  Then back it up from Whiteland to PMHS.  Wow, what fun!

So my return to Indy has been delayed.  How long has yet to be determined.  I’m either in a parallel universe, the Twilight Zone or New Jersey.

Mr. S.