Jul 182010

Spent the day at the beach of Orleans, MA.  The day was hot but the water was COLD!!!  The beach is named “Nauset Beach”, same as the Nauset Beach Light House, one of many light houses up and down the Cape Cod coast.  Surrounding the beach was miles of natural dunes and dune grasses.

A Day at Nauset Beach - air temp - 88 degrees, water temp - 59 degrees - Brrr!

Nauset Beach light house

The dunes of Nauset Beach

When we returned to our campsite, we discovered that someone had gone through our campsite and stolen some items from our cooler as well as a bike lock cable and a hat I got in Acadia National Park.  The campground owners were dismayed that this had happened, as theft is a rarity at Sweetwater Forest Campground.  I was surprised as well, as we had no trouble in the National park campground.  I have learned a lesson (even at my age!!) to not be so trusting of others.  That’s not the way I am usually, but perhaps I need to be more careful.

Well, today we travelled to Provincetown, MA, which is all the way out on Cape Cod, the furthest you can go without driving into the ocean.  It is known as the 1st place the Pilgrims actually landed.  They explored the area and decided to go instead to Plymouth, MA.  There is a monument to the Pilgrims landing, as well as a very nice museum.  The monument is 272 feet tall and made of granite.  It was started in 1907 and completed by 1910.  It will soon celebrate (in August) it’s 100th year.

Pilgrim Monument - 272 ft. tall, 116 steps and many, many ramps!

A view from the top. The climb was worth it.

Well, tomorrow it’s off to Mystic, Connecticut.  I’ll be back on line on Tuesday from there.  Keep following and try not to think about school for a while.

Mr. S.