STEM Projects

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Aug 252016

Abraham Linocln 4th Grade students are learning about force, cause and effect, and constraints with their STEM lessons.  Student groups cooperated to make modifications to carts, so that they could safely transport an egg down an incline.  All students were successful in learning what applications of materials worked best for this purpose.


Back to School Night/Open House

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Aug 232016

Back to School Night is Tonight!back-to-school

5:30 – Title 1 Meeting

6:00 – Kindergarten & 1st Grade Classes

6:30 – 2nd & 3rd Grade Classes

7:00 – 4th & 5th Grade Classes

Book Rental

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Aug 192016

Book Rental

Thank you to all who have already paid your textbook rental. All 47a670e8b26b6fb4757bc6a219355567textbook rental fees are due on or before August 27, 2016.


1. Credit/debit cards, cash (exact change), check or money orders are accepted at the school. Checks and/or money orders should be made out to the school.

2. Online payments can be made through e~Funds. There is a link to e~Funds on the Perry Township Schools website. e~Funds will accept credit card payments.

The fees for the 2016-2017 school year for textbook rental/ supplies for Kindergarten is $113.00 and for grades 1-5 is $150.00. If you have children attending different Perry Township Schools, then you will need to pay at the school they attend. If you are eligible for textbook assistance, you must complete a new application each school year. There is an online application on the Perry Township Schools website. Paper applications are available at the schools. Please contact the school treasurer with any questions.

Backyard Celebration

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Aug 162016

Abraham Lincoln’s annual Backyard Celebration was a huge success!  It looks like all the students and their families had a great time.  Thanks to the PTA for another great event!image


Backyard Celebration

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Aug 122016

Join our PTA tonight in the back parking lot from 6:00 to 8:00. There will be games, bouncy houses, food, a dunk tank, and a staff member will be taped to a wall!

Hope to see you there!

Running Club

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Aug 032016

Do you like to run?  Do you like to hang out with friends?  Think about joining ALE’s Running Club!

The Running Club meets on Mondays until 4:30 and Wednesdays until 4:15.

For more information, contact Miss Beretta at [email protected] org.




Olympic Trials

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Aug 032016

Olympic Trials are taking place at Abraham Lincoln Elementary!  All students are in training to become champions.  Each classroom is representing a country.  The culmination of these activities will be in medal ceremonies on August 19.

IMG_9336 (3)

Ice Cream Social

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Jul 262016

The students were very excited to meet their new teacher and see their classrooms at our annual Ice Cream Social!

Ice Cream Social